We build a house


“It looks pretty miserable here around—dirty and dull!” Statements like these were the motivation for parents to start dreaming about a future home for the sports club in the form of a lively playing field with an obstacle course for the youngest members, a volleyball court, a kitchen for healthy snacks, a room for yoga classes…a place for people in act¡on, enjoying themselves and others.

The parents joined forces with the executive committee of the sports club Viktoria Mitte to develop a concept called “The Green Buffet,” which outlines the defining principles of the club’s engagement with the environment, education and health issues. Plastic plates and utensils, for example, are not used at sporting events, and the entire campus is a smoke- and alcohol-free zone.

Suggestions for projects and events kept rolling in through the members. Increasing membership enrolment and all-round enthusiasm confirmed our chosen path was the right one. Soon the idea of a sports and community center began to take shape. The club invited politicians, district council members, representatives of national and local sports associations, club members and neighbors to help us visualize our dream. Many of our guests became supporters and patrons. Their conviction and involvement was infectious, and soon we began to build a sports and community center. Which just proves that daydreams indulged on the edges of the playing field can and do come true.


The Vikihaus, as we fondly call it, will be located at the club’s current meeting point on Stralsunder Strasse in Berlin-Wedding. The building is being financed by the urban development program Die soziale Stadt [The Social City].

It’ll be a center for meeting up and playing sports, for everyone who wants to join in and get involved. For the club, for the city, for the athletes–men and women, for people from the neighborhood, for kids, young adults, and older folks.

Three floors on which to be active but also to engage with other important aspects of society such as health, integration, education, the media and the environment. Gymnastic classes, health checks, physical rehabilitation programs, special courses for girls and women, after-school tutoring, athletic training and development, language courses, nutrition classes, e-sport and our very own Viki Channel, cultural meet-ups and much more.

As of today, the building has been completely financed by a grant of 600,000 euros. Nevertheless, the space needs to be furnished and equipped, for which we’re looking for donations of 1,000 x 100 euros. This amount would finance the kitchen, club furniture, equipment for the gymnasium, an outdoor drinking fountain, computers for e-sport and the Viki Channel and a planked rooftop terrace. Write to us, call us, come on over and let us know if you like the idea and whether you can help us to complete the Vikihaus, in any small way!We’re looking forward to your ideas, your help, your donations. Here’s the way to the flyer “1000 x 100”! Remember: our house is your house! Vikihaus will be unique in that it’ll integrate a sports club with a community center… so not “for members only.”

SV Rot-Weiß Viktoria Mitte 08 e.V., IBAN: DE7410 0900 0021 0344 2055, Institut: Berliner Volksbank, Zweck: Spende Zukunft

32454,- EUR


Our team is skilled in seeing the bigger picture and appointing people to move it forward. From time to time, we’ll introduce people involved in the project here. On the photo below, from left to right, are the architects and the Viktoria Mitte representative during the construction phase: B.S., R.P., A.H.-P. and J.G..

J.G., board member of VM, gathers information and weighs it carefully before initiating the next step. She’s a born people person, bringing together needs and skills with great sensitivity and insight. Her abilities facilitate processes und unburden the team by efficient prioritising to help solve the most difficult tasks.

B.S. is a highly innovative architect who’s always on the lookout for novel approaches. For Viktoria Mitte she’s an essential, highly creative team player, who’s a quick draw with an unconventional idea when standardised solutions aren’t up to snuff. It was she who came up with the idea for the bridged building when no one knew how we’d house the space on such a small fleck of land.

The pioneers A.H.-P. and R.P. are the transformers of such novel ideas. Both architects, their gaze is forward, never backward, so they see what lies just beyond the curve and can develop the solutions to take us there. They view problems differently, dissecting and reconnecting them in meaningful ways and are able to convert them post-haste in a viable way. Certainly, invaluable skills for a long-term project in which every extension is costly!


Our partners

We collaborated with partners including the Berlin district office of Mitte, the local education authority, the Brunnenviertel-Ackerstrasse neighbourhood management and members of Viktoria Mitte to realize the vision of a Viki sports and community center.

Financed by the urban development program Die soziale Stadt [The Social City] and by Viktoria Mitte, construction will begin in the summer of 2017 and extend for one year. The ground floor will house a meeting point, a kitchen and a common room for projects and events. The third floor will contain two additional locker rooms and a gymnasium. Viktoria Mitte’s staff offices will be found on the second floor. The building’s entrance will open onto Wallstrasse, making it a natural meeting point for neighbors, interested folks and friends. We’re looking forward to seeing you there and keeping you up to date with what’s going on. And all this because movement is (y)our life and much more…sports foster teamwork, integration, fairplay and a healthy body and mind as well as incorporating aspects of education, social participation and environmental protection. And most importantly, they’re lots of fun!

Partner - Vikihaus